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Linda Coetzee at 082 901 3761 
No matter who you work with at Linda Coetzee and Associates, you will enjoy the same degree of passion, energy and enthusiasm. Our team of trainers and coaches has been handpicked and are the essence of our success and sustainabilitity.
Linda has been in the field of human development for 24 years. She started Linda Coetzee and Associates in 1989 and, since then, has been the designer and creator of many excellent training and development programmes. Linda has a wealth of experience in corporate training and employee wellness, and is highly respected in her field.  She has a degree in Industrial Psychology and English, and a passion for developing people.

Linda is a very popular choice as a motivational speaker for conferences and team builds. Her infectious sense of humour and her powerful messages are a winning combination!  She has graced many stages with inspirational talks and creates a personal ambience very quickly.

She has hand-picked a team of trainers and consultants to work alongside her and, as a team, they have achieved many successes. Their approach s rooted in energy and passion so it is a winning formula!

•  Banking
•  Leisure
•  Telecommunications
•  Pharmaceutical
•  Government
•  IT
•  Media
•  Marketing
•  Mining
•  Defence
•  Insurance

•  Inter-Personal Skills and Personality
•  Management & Leadership
•  PA/Secretarial Excellence
•  Assertiveness and Conflict
•  Communication Excellence
•  Personal Mastery
•  Stress and Energy Management
•  Customer Service Excellence
•  Coaching and Mentoring
•  Business Writing  Skills
•  Presentation Skills
• Meetings and Minutes

Linda is highly respected as an innovative leader in the field of human development and works with many partnering companies to provide seamless training and consulting solutions.

She is a registered COMENSA coach and licensed associate of the International Institute of Behavioural Analysis. She has an impressive list of very satisfied clients and coachees.

She is equally happy coaching Executives as she is teaching interns English grammar, and her consulting services have expanded greatly during the last five years.

Linda has travelled extensively and keeps up-to-date on all international trends and research.

She recovered from  personal trauma that took an entire year out of her life in 2008 and speaks from the heart about this harrowing experience and her courageous recovery.
Linda Coetzee
Jenna Coetzee
I have a BA degree in Psychology and English from the University of Pretoria, and also spent two years studying Education. I have completed two formal internships, one with a digital media company and the other with an established training and consulting company. I am a facilitator of soft skills workshops, a call centre QA coach and a frontline coach.

I specialise in readiness training for people in the workplace, especially people new to the corporate world and those fresh out of high school and university. I am also a subject matter expert in Emotional intelligence and Assertiveness My own personal life experiences enable me to fully understand the challenges faced by these young adults, and I have developed training programmes filled with up-to-date research and practical tools. I also specialise in the facilitation of Executive PA programmes locally and internationally.

My passion is rooted in creativity and problem solving. I have a special interest in Psychology and Educational Psychology as well as personality differences and possible barriers to performance. I facilitate group workshops and also work with individuals - depending on the requirement.

In May 2017 I attended the Customer Experience World conference in London and in July 2018 I attended the CEW conference in Cape Town. I am up-to-date on the customer service trends in the world.

•  Graduate Development
•  Intern Readiness Workshops
•  Customer Service
•  Communication skills
•  Business Etiquette
•  Presentation Skills
•  Call Centre Training
•  Quality Assurance in a Call
•  Receptionist Skills
•  Switchboard Excellence
•  Telephone skills  
•  Emotional Intelligence
•  Personality Profiling
•  Assertiveness and Conflict
•  Stress Management                            

•  Bosch
•  CIB Insurance
•  Electrolux
•  Emerald SA
•  EOH
•  Insurance Institute Gauteng
•  Joy Global
•  iOpen Holdings
•  Petra Diamond Mines
•  Resolve SP
•  SAAB Grintek Defence
•  Travel Nation
•  UJ
•  Whirlpool
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Tracy Pinder
Tracey is the founder and owner of The School of Life, which is  a non-profit organization that provides various services.  Tracey has been counselling and coaching successfully for the last 18 years.

Tracey has appeared on numerous television and radio programs with Dr Shabeer Jeeva who is a specialist child and adult psychiatrist, dealing with the topic of ADHD and co-morbidities associated with the condition.
  Accredited Life Coach and Neuro-Linguistic
      Programming (”NLP”) Practitioner.
✔  Reach for Life, No Regrets Course Facilitator.
✔  Advanced ADHD Coach (trained by Dr. Jeeva).
✔  Christian Counsellor

•  Life Skills Coach Training Course
•  Presentations
•  Talks
•  Life Coaching
•  Life Skills Coaching
•  ADD/ADHD Coaching
•  Group Skills Coaching
•  Life Skills Workshops
•  NLP Coaching
•  Business Coaching
•  ADD/ADHD Support Group
Our Trainers
Linda Coetzee

Jenna Coetzee
Tracy Pinder

Elmarie Tredoux
Elmarie Tredoux
Elmarie is an experienced HR professional with 25 years’ HR management experience. She holds a Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management from WBS. She is an internationally accredited mediator. 

In the field of Education her experience ranges from being a senior lecturer at the Regenesys Business School, Lecturing MBA students on HR Management; Project Management; Organisational Behaviour and Development; Personal and Team Effectiveness; and Leadership. She has extensive experience in training and facilitation of learning, being a part time facilitator for the University of the North West, satellite centre for the further education of teachers in subjects such as employment law, management skills and research methodology. She also lectures at the University of the Witwatersrand to Master’s degree students in Social Work on Labour Legislation (since 2005). As ETDP she facilitates a wide variety of training programmes such as Project Management, Finance for non-financial managers, Disciplinary procedures, Employment Equity and Business Management on various levels.

•  Banking
•  Education
•  Mining
•  Engineering
•  Local Government
•  Manufacturing

Elmarie is an internationally accredited mediator with extensive experience in Human Capital Management and Development, Labour Relations and Project Management.

She served on the Remuneration Committee of the MERSETA for 3 years.

She is a skilled negotiator with 16 years’ experience in the South African Local Government Bargaining Council and the CCMA as employer representative in negotiation, mediation and arbitration.

Elmarie has been involved in education since 1989, in the full spectrum of education from Primary school to Master’s degree levels. She is an experienced facilitator of skills courses and her enthusiasm for people development is contagious.
Renee Marais
Renee Marais is a strategic thinker who possesses strong  
business acumen and has a good grasp of how the training  
process directly affects the business.  She is very well versed in  
business process, having managed and maintained change  
management and quality systems in an International company  
for many years.   

She thoroughly enjoys working with all levels within an  
organisation and enjoys the challenges that come with this.  
Renee works closely with Linda as a facilitator at many soft  
skills workshops, specialising in  leadership, communication  
and PA excellence.

Renee brings a different dynamic to LCA as she has expertise in  
areas that are outside of our usual scope. These include:
•  Lean Management
•  Kaizen Principles
•  Value Stream Mapping
Renee is a combination of people skills and essential technical skills. She is as comfortable facilitating a session on mindfulness as she is conducting a safety audit. Renee spends many days conducting audits, analysing processes and re-framing communication, and then has the ability to clearly communicate her findings. Here are some extracts from her satisfied clients:

"With Renee's enthusiasm for people and systems, we have a record of clean internal and external audits"

"Renee enjoys developing people  and implementing change management to help through times of uncertainty and change."

"She has a 'can do' attitude and a willingness to work alongside others and 'in the trenches' to achieve ambitious goals.

Managing Performance & Growing People
Business Ethics
Careful Communication
Recognising Conflict of Interest Developing Ethical Cultures
Principled Decision Making
Inspirational Leadership
Emotional Intelligence
Microsoft Word/Excel  Level 1 & 2
Technical Report Writing
Project Management
Secretarial PA Skills
Office Etiquette

•  Safety
•  Mining
•  Emergency
•  Telecommunications
•  Pharmaceutical
•  Government
•  IT
•  Insurance
•  Engineering
Renee Marais

Natalie Wessels
Natalie Wessels
Our difference is our strength.

Natalie is a facilitator of courageous conversations aimed at breaking the stigma around Mental and Emotional Wellbeing in the workplace through:

•  Corporate Wellness Interventions focusing on Mental and
    Emotional Wellbeing
•  Management Training in identifying and managing Mental
    and Emotional Wellbeing in the Workplace
•  Supporting Business Leaders in implementing support
    structures required to create a culture of Psychological
    Safety for staff
•  Employee Education Sessions on managing own Mental
    and Emotional Wellbeing
•  Mental and Emotional Wellbeing Seminars
•  Personal Branding Workshops and Coaching
•  Life, Career and Wellness Coaching
•  Industry Expert Networks
Authored and self-published a book on Equine Assisted Leadership and Relationship Development, “If Wishes were Horses”. In the process of publishing “On the Wings of an Angel”, with a third “Life on a Lose Rein” on the way.
“You are the most impactful person I know.  Many people move through a system and the system remains unchanged.  You impact a system and leave it forever changed.”

Partner, Global Future Partners - Africa
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